The International HUG Foundation

Sponsorship Program

The i.HUG Foundation’s Sponsorship Program is intended for the most vulnerable children in Uganda, providing a comprehensive package of support that enables these children to go and stay in school and succeed in breaking the cycle of poverty.


Children selected for sponsorship face extremely difficult poverty-related challenges.


A sponsorship supports school fees including uniforms, books, and lunch each day so that a child can go to school. However, these children need more than just school fees to succeed. Therefore, sponsorship support includes a package of integrated interventions so children can overcome the extreme obstacles they face.


This includes

School fees and support: Children are sent home when their families can’t pay school fees. A sponsorship ensures children won’t be stopped at the school door because their parents can’t pay. It includes school fees, uniforms, books, and a school lunch each day. This also ensures children receive enough nutrition to make the most of their time in school.


Educational review: Each term, we host meetings for caregivers of sponsored children on their child’s academic progress. This provides a platform to discuss report cards, progress in and out of school, and any vital needs or issues the child may have. Importantly, the meetings are hosted in the parents’ local language, which helps them better understand, engage, and support their child’s education.


Home-based health and other support: Trained counselors and a nurse visit children at home regularly, providing direct healthcare services, information and advice, and counseling on a variety of topics to keep children safe and protected and improved families’ pathway out of poverty.


Inclusion in other programs: Sponsored children also participate in a range of school and extracurricular programs that help them succeed academically, physically, and emotionally.


For children in living in poverty, a sponsorship may be their only opportunity to attend school and get the support they need to achieve a brighter future.


Children are selected for sponsorship according to a vulnerability index, which takes into account a child’s health and health of family members, the condition of a child’s house and sleeping conditions, income and size of the family, and access to food and other basic necessities.


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