The International HUG Foundation

New Leadership

The i.HUG Foundation welcomes Mandy Hickling, the organization’s new President, for the 2012-2014 term. To her role as President, the second in the organization’s history, Mandy brings with her experience in education and international development. Previously, Mandy served as i.HUG’s Vice President and chair of the Program Development Committee.


“This is an exciting time for i.HUG, with our work being validated by the first class of primary school graduates,” said Mandy. “However, we face significant challenges including a funding shortfall. There is much work to do to gain support and ensure i.HUG can continue to provide its life-saving services to children in need.”


i.HUG would like to thank outgoing President Joanna Breitstein, the organization’s Co-Founder, for her work and dedication to advancing i.HUG’s mission. Joanna served as President from 2006-2012, completing her three-term limit in that role, and remains on i.HUG’s US Board of Directors.


The organization has had a number of other personnel additions. In Uganda, i.HUG appoints Constance Shumba to the role of Director of Health and Community Engagement. The primary responsibilities of this newly created role will be to strengthen medical and mental health services and develop new community and other partnerships. These supportive services are critical in achieving our holistic children and ensuring that children can not only go to but stay in school. In addition, Constance will implement a comprehensive program of evaluation – so we can better measure the impact that our programs are having.  Previously, Constance served as Public Health Curriculum Development Coordinator for Community Partners International and has been a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor to a project in Uganda being funded by the University of Maryland.


Over the past year, the Ugandan Board of Directors has further deepened their role. In 2012, Nassar Mukasa became Chairman of the Board. We thank the Board and this work, which is crucial to sustainability of the organization.


In addition to a new President, the US Board of Directors appointed in 2012 Jessica Maria Tuccelli and Gisselle Pardo, strengthening our administration and psychosocial programs, and Frederik Svardsten, who will join in December adding expertise with microfinance and income-generating activities.