The International HUG Foundation

Major Milestone: i.HUG’s School Graduates First Class

i.HUG is pleased to announce its first class of primary school graduates. In 2007, these children enrolled in the Kabalagala Community School, and have defied all the obstacles to achieve this major milestone. These students, in the last remaining days of the school term, will sit for their Primary Leaving Exam, and with satisfactory results, advance to secondary school.


We are so proud of our children, who live in the most impoverished conditions, but have been able to achieve this basic level of education. Indeed, in Uganda, only 57 percent of children actually complete primary school, and a mere 22 percent go on to secondary school. i.HUG’s holistic approach to creating healthy children and healthy communities – with food, health care, and parent support – is making a difference!


This first class of graduates also marks a major milestone for the organization at large. Without our global village of supporters, this achievement would not have been possible.


To celebrate our children’s success, a party was held for the seventh-grade students at a beach in Ggaba, located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Students celebrated with a half-day of swimming, volleyball, and other games, as well as some dancing. Through a donation, the children were also treated to a cake—making the day truly special and filling them with joy.


Several speeches were given by teachers and the bursar, who had witnessed these children grow and develop since the second grade. Shillah Hope, a P.7 candidate, also addressed the group.


The seventh-grade candidates would like to express their thanks to all of i.HUG’s supporters, who have generously given so that they can go to school. Without your help, none of these children would have been able to complete primary school.