The International HUG Foundation

KCS Students Aim High, Score High, on Country-Wide Exam

We are thrilled to announce some exciting news from the Kabalagala Community School.


The results are in: 93% of our Primary-7 students passed the 2012 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE)!


The PLE is an extremely challenging exam; it tests Primary-7 students on the entire primary school curriculum–all 7 years.


Its impact is immense and will have long lasting positive effects: Only a child who passes this exam may be admitted to secondary school. Equally as significant, a passing PLE result enables students to seek government scholarships for university.


We have even more good news! Of the 15 Primary-7 students, fourteen passed with a division 1 or 2 result—the equivalent of an A and B, respectively.


These students are the first graduating class of the Kabalagala Community School, which was established in 2007.


“This is a major achievement of the students, and validation of the education we provide at the Kabalagala Community School,” says Mandy Hickling, President of i.HUG. “These children now possess the foundation of education—primary school—which no child should do without.”


These students, who in 2013 will attend high school, would have never been able to go to school without their sponsor’s help. All of the children in i.HUG’s program live in extreme poverty, and come from families that cannot provide for their basic needs, including education.


In Uganda, only 57% of children complete primary school, and a mere 22% will go on to secondary school. Given these odds, the students’ achievement is even more impressive.


The philosophy of the Kabalagala Community Academy is one that focuses on the whole child. In addition to providing education, the school provides food, medical care, and mental health support to help children go to and stay in school.


There was one student who was unable to pass the PLE. Students who are unable to pass may choose to attend a vocational training program so that they may endeavor to their highest potential, and we will work to raise the funds so that he can attend a suitable program.