The International HUG Foundation

Congrats Class of 2013: All i.HUG Students Pass National Exam

The i.HUG Foundation is pleased to announce that all seventh grade students in its Kabalagala Academy School have passed Uganda’s national Primary Leaving Exam (PLE). This is a major achievement and a critical milestone, as passing this test enables the children to enter secondary school, another major step to stopping the cycle of poverty.


Each graduate in i.HUG’s program lives in absolute poverty but with the help of a sponsor, he or she was able to enter into and now complete, grades 1-7. This is the second graduating class of the Kabalagala Community School, which was established in 2007.


i.HUG invests in its educational quality and a holistic approach to learning. What is really noticeable in these results is that the children performed well across every subject area.  


Congratulations to the students, teaching team, and sponsors for this major success.